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Dr. Marco Gutierrez provides Silver Diamine Fluoride treatments in Newberg, Oregon, to help control and halt dental caries (cavities) and prevent any further progression of the decay in your mouth. This treatment may also be recommended for treating hypersensitivity in the teeth.

Silver Diamine Fluoride is an FDA-approved antibiotic liquid. This treatment is an effective and non-invasive alternative to treating tooth decay, allowing our dentist to stop the decay before it causes more damage. This has the added benefit of minimizing restorative work, though it does not entirely eliminate the need for further treatment, including fillings, root canals, and crowns.

Silver diamine is made up of two main ingredients–silver and fluoride. The silver in the solution acts as an anti-microbial agent to strengthen the underlying protective layer of your teeth. The fluoride is an active agent that halts the tooth decay and prevents further decay from occurring.

Benefits of Silver Diamine Fluoride include:

  • Non-invasive
  • Painless
  • Quick
  • Kills harmful pathogenic organisms
  • Effective at halting preventing further cavities
  • Reduces tooth sensitivity almost immediately
  • Hardens dentin, making it more resistant to acid and abrasion
  • Does not stain healthy dentin or enamel (though it will stain decayed tooth tissue)

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