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Our team at Royal Dental Care is pleased to offer our support in teaching young children to value their dental health through effective oral habits that keep their teeth safe. A solid foundation of oral care is imperative to prevent cavities, gum disease and other dental problems that can result in premature tooth loss.

If you have concerns about how to encourage your child to clean their smile regularly, we can provide simple tips on brushing and flossing that make dental care fun for children. Brushing twice a day is important, and it can be fun for children if they have access to a child toothbrush that is fun and colorful and is paired with a flavored toothpaste that tastes good.

Flossing is another important skill, but one that is hard for children to master because of their undeveloped manual dexterity and limited mouth space. To clean your child’s back teeth, wind the floss string around your pinky fingers to enhance your grip and help you access each tooth. You can track your child’s progress in their habits using fun stickers so that they can see their achievements and feel a sense of pride.

As your child grows older, it’s important that they take on more responsibility for their teeth cleaning by using easy-to-hold tools such as floss sticks. To help your child not make a habit of forcing the string between each tooth and causing gum irritation, you may want to provide waxed dental floss.

You are welcome to contact our office at 503-554-6714 today to consult with our dentist, Dr. Marco Gutierrez, about improving your child’s oral health in Newberg, Oregon.