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It’s almost a new year, and now is the time to see the dentist about your dental health. Untreated dental health issues will only become worse and further complicate your goal of achieving a healthy smile. Here are four dental issues we encourage you to avoid if you are trying to maintain a healthy smile:


Plaque builds up on your teeth as a sticky white film that needs to be cleaned off regularly in order to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. This can be done with effective dental hygiene habits and regular visits to your dentist.


Tartar is hardened plaque that irritates and infects your gums, and can only be removed by professional dental cleanings by your dentist’s team.

Tooth Decay

Inconsistent oral hygiene and a sugary diet can cause the teeth to rot. We encourage you to implement proper dental care habits such as cleaning your smile every day and regularly visiting the dentist.

Poor Diet

Eating healthy foods like raw vegetables and crisp fruits can improve your dental health, but a diet rich in sugar and acidic foods causes the tooth enamel to weaken.

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