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There are many risks when it comes to your smile, and while two main culprits are poor oral hygiene and a diet full of carbs, teeth can also be injured during high-contact sports. These activities can introduce your smile to a hard blow from a ball, elbow, or helmet, leading to a severe dental injury. Our dentist and team advise that you receive a custom mouth guard to protect your smile from harm.

Though you have several options for mouth guards, the three main types of mouth guards to choose from are stock, boil-and-bite, and custom made. You can purchase a stock mouth guard at just about any sports store, and it will come ready to be worn.

Boil-and-bite mouth guards are another option, typically sold alongside stock guards. Their thermoplastic material enables these mouth guards to be shaped to your mouth after you boil them in water and conform their shape with your fingers and tongue before they cool down.

You can receive a custom-made mouth guard from Royal Dental Care that is designed for the unique shape of your smile. Thanks to their custom design, they can properly fit your teeth and provide full protection for your smile.

If you aren’t involved in sports but suffer from a condition known as bruxism, you can still benefit from a mouth guard. Wearing a mouth guard during sleep can prevent your habit of tooth grinding from weakening or breaking your teeth.

If you are considering receiving a mouth guard in Newberg, Oregon, and would like to speak with our dentist about your options, please call Royal Dental Care at 503-554-6714 today.