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When you suffer a severe blow to the face from an automotive collision or athletic accident, it has the ability to cause some damage to your mouth. In a case like this, it might be just enough force to knock a tooth out of its socket. When this happens, you need to seek emergency dental care from a dentist. Dr. Marco Gutierrez and our team want to help you, especially if the traumatized tooth is whole and still alive.

The tooth or the surrounding periodontal tissues might have suffered significant harm as well, so our dental professionals may recommend extracting the tooth remains. Your gums can comfortably heal with time and prescription pain medication.

After fully healing, your smile will undergo the restoration process of repairing it with a dental bridge. Dr. Marco Gutierrez will anchor it in your mouth with the use of two abutments, using the healthy core of the two neighboring teeth. In order to do this, a dental drill is used to remove tooth enamel from each neighboring tooth to help fill the void.

A dental bridge is created at a dental lab, using durable dental materials that will rival natural tooth enamel and help the tooth last for a long time. When ready, Dr. Marco Gutierrez will use a special dental adhesive to cement the dental bridge into place.

If you’ve experienced some type of dental trauma and need restorative care, feel free to call our Newberg, Oregon, clinic for a consultation or appointment at 503-554-6714. Our team at Royal Dental Care strive to give you the care you need and deserve to get your best smile!